Research at the Center for Integrated Access Networks

UCSD Testbed Facility

The research of the CIAN Engineering Research Center will advance upon three major thrusts wherein interoperability of components will be proven via state-of-the-art testbeds, which will provide for cross-collaboration among system, sub-system, and device research efforts.


Thrust 1: Optical Communication Systems and Networking will act as the "top-down" driver for the development and integration of components and devices that will enable integrated subsystems, co-optimized to cost-effectively provide high-data rate services to the "curb."

This thrust includes issues such as aggregation and access networks, cross-layer optimization, wavelength multicasting and ubiquitous monitoring. The projects in this thrust will enable and demonstrate numerous new network applications including ultra high-bandwidth data centers and immersive telepresence.

Thrust 2: Subsystem Integration and Silicon Nanophotonics will explore signal conditioning, processing, reconfiguration, and control functions realized with various platforms including CMOS compatible nanostructures and silicon nanophotonics, and multifunctional integrated subsystems exploiting monolithic and heterogeneous integration.

Thrust 3: Materials and Devices will act as the scientific and technological foundation by conducting research on new materials, device technologies, processing and integration methods for chip-scale integrated optoelectronics.

Thrust Leads

Dr. Alan Willner

Thrust 1 Lead

Dr. Axel Scherer

Thrust 2 Lead

Dr.Connie Chang-Hasnain

Thrust 3 Lead

Dr. Keren Bergman

Thrust 1 Co-Lead

Dr. Ming Wu

Thrust 2 Co-Lead

Dr. Hyatt gibbs

Thrust 3 Co-Lead



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